STEPHEN HEPBURN: Tories out to destroy unions

David Cameron
David Cameron

Tory union-busters are again attacking working people who aspire to keep their jobs and earn a pay rise.

There can be no other explanation for the Conservative Prime Minister’s plot to shackle organisations which represent millions of working people in our country.

The draconian Trade Union Bill drips with prejudice, a blatant bid by a Tory Party funded by banksters to financially cripple a political rival and lock a ball and chain to the ankles of employees.

The Son of Thatcher is going where even she didn’t tread to give bad bosses permission to sack anybody whose face doesn’t fit, no matter how good they are at their job.

The Tories will ruin lives by creating their take-it-or-leave-it economy in which you would be powerless to resist whatever a manager, executive or owner dictated – however unreasonable. Destroying trade unions, the largest democratic voluntary group in Britain, is pay-back time for the City money men who bankrolled the Conservatives’ election campaign and in return want a docile, powerless, enslaved workforce.

Bureaucratic and legal red tape would tie unions up in knots. Encouraging employers to hire strike-breakers from agencies would be a recipe for disaster.

And it is unjust to require workers to vote for industrial action in numbers much greater than the simple majority of one to elect a school governor, councillor, football club committee member, MP or even a Government Minister who at the stroke of a pen or press of a button can shut an NHS Walk-In Centre or slash your pension.

Unions are a force for good in our country, representing individuals and groups of workers to even a playing field tilted in the favour of employers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a plumber in Pelaw or an accountant in Cleadon, a builder in Boldon or a council worker in Hebburn, a bus driver in Wardley or a nurse in Jarrow, the truth is you might – if you haven’t already – need the help of a trade union one day.

And that is why the Conservatives are hell-bent on wiping out potential opposition by introducing a US-style fanatical drive to eradicate trade unions.

I vow that I will fight the Tories all the way. Conjuring phantom problems where there are none are the tactics of a party that believes everybody should know their station and woe betide the worker who is uppity and complains they’re picked on, short-changed or don’t deserve to be sacked.

The image of Oliver Twist, holding out an empty bowl to meekly ask for more gruel in the workhouse from gruesome Bumble the Beadle in the fabulous Charles Dickens’ novel, shocks us even now.

Workers left defenceless, waking up every morning frightened it’ll be their last day at work, will be the reality from next year unless Cameron and his millionaire cronies are stopped.

Wanting workers to bend their knee or doff a cap is creating a Two Nation Britain and underlines why the Tories are unfit to rule.