The ‘hard truth’ can be found on streets of Shields

Stephen Hepburn column.
Stephen Hepburn column.

Barely days into 2014, George Osborne delivered more doom and gloom as he announced yet another round of spending cuts in the next Parliament.

While many people are struggling day to day to make ends meet, Osborne turned the screw on the poor and the disabled as he set out plans to slash welfare spending by a further £12bn.

Osborne painted the sorry picture that 2014 will be “a year of hard truths”.

No doubt he will wish to forget most of the “hard truths” cobbled together so far by his incompetent, out-of-touch Government.

Unpopular policies such as the hated Bedroom Tax, changes to council tax support, stricter benefit sanctions and cruel disability assessments putting people who cannot work on lesser benefits, are sending people over the edge.

Another hard truth under the Tories, however, is that we have had the slowest recovery for 100 years, and wages are down an average of £2,000 a year since David Cameron became Prime Minister.

Energy bills are also going through the roof – up by an average £300 since 2010 – while at the same time we see energy companies’ profits going up and up.

Tax cuts for millionaires while millions of ordinary hard-working decent people pay more, says everything you need to know about where this Government’s priorities lie.

Osborne says that his plan is working. And which plan is this? This is certainly not what I hear on the streets of South Tyneside.

The point is, people are now beginning to ask themselves, do I feel better off more now than I did when the Tories walked into power in May 2010?

The answer for the majority is no. And the people to blame for this is Cameron, Osborne and their posh boys in Government!