'The money has to come from somewhere' - What the NHS and care tax hike means to you

Taxpayers have been sharing their views on a rise to fund health and social care, as announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week.

National Insurance contributions will increase by 1.25 percentage points from April 2022 – a decision which goes against a promise in the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto.

Readers have both criticised the ‘broken promise’ plan, while sharing understanding that funding needs to be raised in some way.

This is what you had to say:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during a news conference after outlining plans to raise taxes to pay for reforms to the social care system and the recovery of the NHS. Picture: Toby Melville-WPA Pool/Getty Images.

Keith Miller: “If they raise the threshold for payment to something like £30k and over not so bad. Pretty harsh on the low paid and people starting out though.”

Janet Stevenson: “I believe in joint social and health care from the cradle to the grave. If taxes are fair and billionaires are taxed at the same rate as us there is ample funding to do this.”

Andy Mc: “I wouldn't have much of a problem with it if I knew the money was actually going to reach those that need it.”

John Geoffrey Charles Orde: “Seems fair. National Insurance was designed to pay for services like the NHS, and they provide a really great service.”

Ben Forbes: “Broken promises! They said in their manifesto they’d not raise NI contributions! The working class are stumping up more of the bill when you look at it in terms of a % of NI contributions against total income.”

John Laws: “We are all living longer, with a greater need for additional health care. Unfortunately there are no magic money trees. The money has to come from somewhere.”

Philip Scott: “Social care is a very serious issue and needs addressing. Previous governments have not acted when they should have. Credit to this government for putting a solution forward. Let's hope it works.”

John Gibson: “Anyone who did not see that one coming has been living on the moon, can't blame Boris for Covid.”

Lynne Kelly: “I am torn. Unsurprised at the broken promise. I think it's rough on those who are already struggling and it makes a mockery of the measly pay rise for those working to provide health and social care.

“But … I am grateful we pay this and get our health and social care free at the point of care and I have benefited hugely from this system.”

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