VOTE: Who do you want as Labour leader as voting closes in election?

Who do you want?
Who do you want?

Voting has now closed in the Labour leadership election - but who do you want to win?

Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn made their final pitches this morning before the contest drew to a close at 12noon today.

The result will be announced at a special Labour Party conference in Liverpool on Saturday.

A total of 640,000 people were eligible to vote, an increase of more than 80,000 from the 2015 contest.

These include 343,500 full members, 168,000 union affiliated supporters and 129,000 registered supporters, who paid £25 each to vote.

Each category has increased in size since last summer's leadership contest, which Mr Corbyn won on a landslide.

As well as a rival contender for Prime Minister when the next General Election comes around, the Labour leader will also become Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition - responsible for holding the Government to account, challenging proposals and putting forward alternative policies.