POLL: Curry in a hurry - Indian restaurant to deliver meals using drones

Would you like your takeaway delivered through the air?
Would you like your takeaway delivered through the air?

Would you like to see your Friday night takeaway arrive from the air?

One of the UK's Indian restaurants is set to become the first Indian in the world to use a drone to deliver curries to its customers.

The restaurant, The Don, is bringing a new meaning to delivery to your door.

Aki Rahman, owner of the Milton Keynes eatery, has applied for a Civil Aviation Authority licence to fly his Phantom 3 all over the city to deposit customers’ meals.

“He said: "I’m determined to beat Google and Amazon and be the first to use delivery drones.

"We've done a trial run to my grandmother's house and it all went well."

Mr Aki has found a thermal takeaway bag to fit securely on the bottom rails of the drone and has practised landing so softly that even the lightest poppadom stays intact.

The progress of the curry-drone will be tracked back at The Don restaurant and a specialist camera will even film its progress too.

The owner also plans to offer customers a copy of the film showing how their meal travelled to them.

He hopes that the CAA will grant him permission to fly over built-up areas where power lines can pose a problem.

Mr Aki added: “I’m 80 per cent sure I will be allowed. But if not, I will stick to delivering in rural, open areas – perhaps delivering to a park if people want a special occasion picnic.”

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