POLL: Is the Tyne Tunnel toll rise fair?

Tyne Tunnel
Tyne Tunnel

Tyne Tunnel fees are going up by 10p from midnight Saturday - but is the rise fair?

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The North East Combined Authority (Neca), which owns the Tyne Tunnels, has confirmed that the 10p increase will apply to both car and heavy goods drivers.

The tolls will be £1.70 for cars and £3.30 for heavy goods vehicles, with permit holders continuing to get a 10 per cent discount on each journey.

Motorbikes and services buses use the tunnels toll-free.

Neca said tolls paid by drivers generate income which covers the overall running and maintenance cost, along with the cost of developing the second tunnel.

The running of the tunnels and the repayment of investment is paid for through toll monies and not through council tax.

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