Pressure grows on Government to take action to make A19 safer

The approach to Testo's on the A19 is on part of the stretch which has caused concern.
The approach to Testo's on the A19 is on part of the stretch which has caused concern.

Drivers say action must be taken on the “death trap” A19 as our campaign to call on the Government to review its safety grows.

Safe A19 is lobbying transport chiefs to carry out an inquiry into the accidents on the route, with backing already given by police, MPs and safety campaigners.

Spend some of it up North NOW.

Jeff Appleyard

More than 880 people have signed a petition, which asks the Department for Transport to look at why so many collisions happen between Wolviston and Testo’s at Boldon.

Unofficial figures show last year, 71 people were injured in 36 crashes involving 88 vehicles on the 35-mile stretch last year.

The Government statistics for 2016 are still to be released.

Among those to back our shout via is Jeff Appleyard.

Jeff, from South Shields, said: “I have used the A19 for a lot of years, when it was a busy HGV route for trucks going north and south from the Middlesbrough area.
“It was a lovely, peaceful road with drivers who respected each others size vehicles,

“I only use it about three or four times a year now to visit family in Yorkshire and it is a speeding death trap with approximately 70% of car and HGV drivers hell bent on passing each other and because most HGVs are limited to approximately 50 to 52mph with speed governors now, they try to pass each other on dual carriageways and can take anything up to three to four miles to pass, so there’s a build of cars and LGV etc.

“A three lane dual carriageway is urgently needed, because when you get down to A1M north of Boroughbridge and see the Lanes there, you wonder where OUR road taxes go to?

“Spend some of it up North NOW.”

Richard Crozier does not believe money will be spent to increase capacity and is among those to blame poor driving for the problems.

He said: “Bad driving generally, but there’s not a hope in hell of it being made three lanes, as the money will not be spent in the North East, only ‘down south’.”0

Doug Ridgway, also from South Shields, has given Safe A19 his support and believes special attention should be given to the section between the Tyne Tunnel and Boldon.

The first official move has been made to press ahead with a £100million scheme to ease one of the area’s biggest junctions.

If approved, Testo’s roundabout - which links the A184 and the A19 - would be replaced with an overpass and improved roundabout.

Doug warns: “The section from south exit of the Tyne Tunnel is race track leading to Testo’s Roundabout.”

Irene Tindle added: “It’s a nightmare road that needs something doing to it to make it safer.”

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