Pupils take part in week to raise awareness of autism

Jarrow School Autism Unit awareness week walk
Jarrow School Autism Unit awareness week walk

Autism was thrown into the spotlight at a South Tyneside school as pupils marked a week dedicated to highlighting the condition.

Staff and students at the autism unit of Jarrow School in Field Terrace, Jarrow, hosted a series of events, including a coffee afternoon and balloon release.

They also took part in a sponsored walk from Souter Lighthouse at Whitburn to Littlehaven at South Shields.

The cash raised will be split between the Friends of the Autistic Unit at the school and the National Autistic Society.

World Autism Week, which runs until Sunday, aims to raise money and awareness of the condition - which affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people.

Julianne Macrae said: “The pupils have really enjoyed taking part in World Autism Awareness Week.

“We’ve held lots of different events including a coffee afternoon which parents and carers were invited to.

“The feedback from everyone has been really positive.

“Taking part in this awareness week is important for our pupils, it gives them the chance to raise awareness of their disability and to explain to people what it is all about.

“Some of our pupils took part in assemblies in our mainstream school explaining what autism is and what it’s like to have autism.”

Jarrow’s Autistic Unit caters for pupils of secondary school age with varying levels of autism.

Autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently to others and is a lifelong disability.

For information on autism visit www.autism.org.uk