'Put it in a bin' - Gazette readers hit out at dog walkers who do not clear up after their pets

Families are calling for more education for dog walkers who don't pick up their pets' mess.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 11:40 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 11:49 am
South Tyneside council bosses confirmed they have no plans to carry dog walkers who do not carry bags.

The comments come after South Tyneside Council confirmed it has no plans to fine owners who do not carry bags to clean up dog mess - as has been introduced in other parts of the UK.

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Getting in touch on social media, some have said "responsible" dog owners always carry bags - and that those who don't must not intend to tidy up after their animals.

A South Tyneside Council spokesman said the authority takes a "proactive" approach to responsible dog ownership - a move backed by some on our social media.

Here is how you reacted on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Tracey Manning: "If dog walkers don't carry poo bags it shows that they have no intention of picking up the waste. Responsible dog owners, who have pockets full of poo bags would have nothing to fear."

You have been sharing your views on the issue on social media.

Pauline Clouston: "Some pick it up then drop it as soon as they can ... put it in a bin."

Ken Reay: "If the dog walker is not carrying any bags, safe to assume they are not going to pick up their dog's [mess]. Even some of those who do pick it up seem to have an inability to carry out the next (less unpleasant) step, i.e., put it the bin!"

Maureen Dowson: "Putting a bag in your pocket is no big deal."

Lee J Edwards: "They dump it on the grass in bags near me and there's a bin right next to it."

Stephen Gallagher: "Well you don't get speeding ticket because your car 'can' go above the limit. You get one if you go above the limit. Why treat dog owners differently?"

Gillian Young: "Should always carry bags if you have a dog."

Chris Batchelor: "If you can't clean up after your dog you should have the dog taken off you."

Clare Vassallo: "I have two Labradors and every coat I go to put on has poo bags in, people that don't carry them have no intention of cleaning up after their dog, they need to 'educate dog owners'."

Dariush Robertson: "It's got to the state that whenever I see a dog walker going by, I just think there's another pile of mess to avoid."