Racist Front Exposed

A CANDIDATE in tomorrow's local elections has made racist comments about South Tyneside's Asian community on a white pride website.

The Gazette has learned that Charles Schmidt, who is standing for the National Front, is a regular contributor to Storm Front.

Cambridge-educated Mr Schmidt is also a moderator for the site, which acts as a messageboard for racists from all over the world.

The 24-year-old is standing for election in the Biddick and All Saints ward in South Shields.

When confronted about his right-wing beliefs, he admitted he used racist slurs about South Tyneside's ethnic community on the web site last week.

Shaven-headed Mr Schmidt, of Breamish Street, Jarrow, called them a derogatory term referring to a little Indian boy in the 1937 film The Elephant Boy.

Writing about the ward he hopes to represent, he wrote: "Statistics can only tell you so much, but it's a fine, fine ward.

"Working-class, tough as **** sort of neighbourhood, close-knit, though itself almost entirely white. Adjacent to Shields with its long-standing **** problem and Tyne Dock, where asylum seekers have recently been stuck."

Mr Schmidt, who goes under the pen name of Godwinson, is one of the site's moderators, which means he controls its content.

He has posted more than 500 messages on the site and in many he uses extremely derogatory terms for black people.

He also shows his distaste for homosexuals and promotes the use of the Nazi swastika on the Union Jack.

When the Gazette called at Mr Schmidt's home he invited us in and we found him logged on to Storm Front.

He said he could not take responsibility for every word he had written on the site.

"I am not going to be held to account for everything I have said on the Internet. I think you have got to bear in mind that people come out of themselves more on the Internet."

He said he would never use offensive racist terms outside the chat rooms.

"I would never use that kind of word in real life. Internet people say all kinds of things. I used that as a kind of good-humoured term."

He added that if he was voted onto the council he would be prepared to work with ethnic minorities, despite his beliefs.

"If someone came to me I would treat them as a normal member of society. They (ethnic minorities) would be part of my jurisdiction."

Mr Schmidt said he hopes to get 20 per cent of the vote in Biddick and All Saints and added he was surprised and relieved how few anti-racist people he's come across while out canvassing.

Other candidates standing in the Biddick and All Saints ward include Stephen Forster, Joe Kidd and Olive Punchion for the Labour Party and William Troupe for the Liberal Democrats.