Read your views on whether toilets should be in Greggs

After council bosses in Hull won a High Court fight over the provision of toilet and washing facilities for customers at two Greggs bakeries in the city, the chain must now provide toilet facilities in all of its bakeries.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 12:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 1:31 pm
Greggs must now provide toilet facilities after losing a legal fight with a city council
Greggs must now provide toilet facilities after losing a legal fight with a city council

We asked whether you thought Greggs should be made to provide toilet facilities, with many of you online giving your opinions, all in support of the council victory.

Dominic Taylor said: "It's only right! If someone is going to sit down and eat food then at the very least there should be washing facilities so that people can wash their hands before eating the food! It's only common sense!" and Audrey Willis added: "All cafe's at one time had to have a toilet. Then the rules changed."

Hull council took legal action after Newcastle City Council gave guidance relating to toilet provision in food outlets which was approved by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills' Better Regulation Delivery Office.

Jane Swinhoe commented: "We've said this for years. There should be toilet facilities in places where you eat. It's hygienic. People need somewhere to at least wash their hands before they eat," while Lauren Davies also said: "When we had a shop, the council were on to us repeatedly that we weren't allowed tables without a toilet."

READ: Greggs lose toilet caseGreggs have more than 25 stores in the North East, and in 2013 famously began to charge customers more for eating inside as part of the pasty tax that came into law.

On Facebook, Andy Davison said: "They charge you more for eating PER ITEM inside so should provide toilet facilities," and Leanne Askew added: "I think it's a disgrace how the Greggs (cafes) charge extra to sit down and eat, yet they can't provide toilets. The VAT should be scrapped."

Toby Mace believes Greggs "should all be made to provide toilets facilities if they are providing a sit down and eat place not rely on the shopping malls toilets," while Mary Neville said: "If they provide tables so you can eat in they should also have toilets for customer use."

Mr Justice Kerr said Hull council's claim was "well-founded" and "It is obvious that if a person sits down in a Greggs outlet at the seats provided and proceeds to eat a pasty and a fizzy drink just purchased at the counter for that purpose, that is a normal use of the premises.

"The fact that most customers take away their purchases and those who stay do not normally stay long, does not change that."

Online, billydane said: "It's a shame that someone cant force Sunderland City Council to provide adequate public toilets throughout the city, specifically the seafront."

Kirsty Marie Luther also commented, saying "Greggs in Jarrow provides a toilet for their customers so I don't see why the other ones don't," and finally Linda Wood agrees with the majority of others, saying "If you are eating in a cafe they need to have facilities to wash your hands, I would never eat a sandwich without washing my hands , they should all have toilets."