Readers back call to bring back school ‘nit nurses’

Tracy Rutter, concerned over Nits in schools.
Tracy Rutter, concerned over Nits in schools.

A call to bring back “nit nurses” to schools in South Tyneside has been met with mixed response from readers.

The vast majority back the move by frustrated mum Tracy Rutter to have the nurses reinstated in schools.

The 47-year-old from Biddick Hall, South Shields, launched the petition after becoming fed-up with her daughters catching the itchy pests, cleaning their hair, only for the cycle to begin again.

Tracey Robson said: “This so needs to be done, since my sons got them I check them every week but unfortunately some parents just don’t take responsibility to check their own children’s heads.”

Maria Wilkinson agreed.

She said: “Yes, too many parents wont check their kids and even when they do they don’t bother trying to get rid of them with solutions and just send the kids to school to pass on to other kids.”

Carly Wilson-Palmer wrote: “If they could change the way they inform the parents, then yes. A phone call from the nurse to your home would be much better than the old way of reading out names at assembly/giving kids letters to take home.”

But, some say parents should take full responsibility when it comes to dealing with head lice.

Neil Paterson “Yes, let’s give parents even less responsibility than they do now. It’s your child so you should be responsible for checking there hair. If the school have an outbreak they send a note home, go to the shop and get kids treated with the appropriate stuff. People are far to quick to want other people to sort out what is basic parenting. Rant over.”

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