Readers' disgust at killer running Facebook profile from prison

A murderer from South Tyneside, who was able to run his own social media site from his prison cell, has left Gazette readers angered.

Glen Corner
Glen Corner

The family of Glen Corner, who was stabbed to death on his 16th birthday in 2006, were left distraught when they discovered his killer had created a profile on Facebook.

It led to fresh heartache for his family and friends who are still struggling to come to terms with his death.

Lee Firman was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum tariff of 16-years, in 2007.

The prison service confirmed steps have now been taken to remove the social media profile and the prisoner involved being disciplined,

Kelly Kennon posted: “If he was truly remorseful he would of respected the grieving family by having no social media.

“It’s disgusting.”

Valerie Davidson called for window booths to be brought back to minimise contact.

She wrote: “About time we had window booths to speak to prisoners so there can be no contract sorted.”

Jo Urwin said there were no words to describe her disgust.

In her post she wrote: “No words. I’m disgusted! My heart goes out to that poor bairn’s mam. How she must be feeling guts me.” 
Glen had been with his friends in East Avenue, South Shields, as they celebrated their GCSE results and his birthday when Firman - who was armed with two knives - threatened the group.

Glen stepped in to protect his friend and was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach by the then 19-year-old, from Thornholme Avenue, South Shields