Readers have mixed views on camel parade

People have expressed a mixed reaction to the ongoing camel parade saga in South Tyneside.

Wednesday, 30th November 2016, 3:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 3:13 pm
Christmas Camel Parade last year was led by high impact drumming group Spark! and stilt walkers as they process along Ocean Road to Haven Point.

Animal rights campaigners have written to South Tyneside Council chiefs urging them to call off Friday’s Christmas camel parade.

It came as more than 88,000 peple have signed petition against the use of camels at the event and South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck says she supports the campaign.

People reacted to the news by posting scores of comments on our Facebook page.

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Jax Lord said: “Fantastic that people are speaking out against animal exploitation. Come on Shields WAKE UP!”

Phoebe Harry commented: “So brilliant to have an MP who speaks up against the exploitation of animals!”

Bobbi Darcey wrote: “Great to see local mp supporting a ban on using these camels. It’s 2016 we don’t need to use animals in parades!”

Gavin Peterson said: “Cue the animal activists to come on here again trying to ram their opinions down all our throats.”

John David Dennis commented: “Provide evidence that the camels are unhappy or feeling pain. How do the animal rights group know that in fact the camels are not enjoying the experience...or at least indifferent to it? “

James Sanderson stated: “This just gone to far next it’ll be ban police horses some sad people out there.”

Neil Robinson commented: “I note that the majority of moaners on this article are not from South Tyneside, so please go demonstrate about your own local issues in New York, Canada etc.”

Nass Kapranos said: “I bet a full fat fiver that this will be the last time we’ll see the camels in South Tyneside.”

James Ward wrote: “I am open to the idea if this being cruelty but i am naive as to how it is. Can someone who has read up on this please explain more to me.”

Carolyn Picken stated: “I think this has been blown out of proportion.”