Readers hit out over Council Tax hike for South Tyneside

Town Hall bosses have come under fire for their decision to increase Council Tax in South Tyneside.

South Tyneside Council is one of six up for the award.
South Tyneside Council is one of six up for the award.

Residents across the borough are set to see a rise of 4.9% in their bills for the coming financial year 2017-2018.

This is made up of a 1.95% Council Tax increase and a 3% adult social care levy.

The decision was agreed by a meeting of South Tyneside councillors at Jarrow Town Hall on Thursday night.

Readers have been expressing their frustration on the Gazette’s website and Facebook page.

Rebecca Orr suggested some savings could be made instead of hiking up the Council Tax.

She wrote: “Stop wasting money on stupid things that no-one benefits from, for example massive LED signs and rocks that tell people which estate they’re passing.

“South Tyneside needs some major investment; certain areas are falling to pieces but our council tax so far over the years has seen no real development there.

“I’ll happily pay more if it’s going to the police force, fire service etc - but where is it going?”

Maxine Thompson Curl believes she’s also found a way for the council to save cash.

She wrote: “They need to turn the lights off on the trees on Ocean Road also or convert them into solar. Total waste of money.

“Sending demand letters out for council tax before the end of the financial year. How much does that cost them too?”

Lynn Arthur is questioning whether cash should sill be spent on hiring acts for the summer festival during such hard times.

She wrote: “ Disgusting but they’ll still pay stupid amounts of money for the z list celebrities to play in Bents Park this year.”

AKAseagulls shared similar views.

They wrote: “The council loves entertaining the north east for free, however we pay the bill.”

Agnes George was in support of the council.

They wore: “The local council is not to blame for what is happening. The government have made huge cuts to all local authorities. The money has to be found somehow. Nothing is free! I agree there should be no wage increase for all councillors and MPs. Tax cuts for the rich should be stopped.”

Pensioner Bobby Burn is wondering who is benefiting from the taxation.

He said: “Who are these vulnerable adults?

“I would like to see a breakdown of where the money goes, I myself am now a pensioner paying the full amount (minus 25%) for living on my own. I’d hate to think I’m paying to keep lazy louts.”