Readers react to news of illegal motorbike crackdown

A campaign targeting illegal off-road bikers putting lives at risk has been given a thumbs up from residents who are sick of nuisance riders.

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, 11:52 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:00 pm
A seized mini moto is crushed

Northumbria Police is working with South Tyneside Council and Safer Homes South Tyneside to curb motorbike disorder in the borough.

The move comes in response to residents concerns over illegal off-road bikes and people riding mini-motos using the bridlepath that runs along the mineralm line from John Reid Road, to Tile Shed as a race track.

People have taken to social media to praise the campaign, but also called for more to be done to catch those responsible.

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Anthony Owens said: “They are an absolute nuisance. Especially around Simonside and Biddick.

“Riding around with no regards for any other road user, then there are the chavy idiots who use them at night.”

Joanne McKie posted: “They are horrendous around West Harton any time day or night.

“There are signs up, but they don’t take notice and the police are not allowed to chase them if see them, so what’s the point?

“If they do catch them, they seize the bike then a day or two later they get another on.

“ They ride round with no helmets on no reg plates and no lights at night.

“When on roads just fly out, seen a few near misses recently, it needs stopping before someone gets hurt.”

Some people suggested the council create an off-road track, however, while others think it’s a good idea, some believe nuisance riders would continue to keep putting lives at risk.