Readers react to pub firework fiasco

Readers have given a mixed reaction to a row which has been sparked by a pub's firework's display which left a number of children injured.

Friday, 9th November 2018, 5:00 am
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 9:20 am
The Greyhound Inn, Jarrow

People have taken to social media in support of both The Greyhound Inn, in Jarrow, and the parents of the youngster’s who were injured and have questioned the safety procedures in place on the night.

Pub bosses have apologised to those who were hurt when a firework sent sparks flying into the crowd - causing minor burns to at least three children, while one mum, claims she was hit by a firework which bruised her leg.

The pub said they had followed safety procedures - including having a barrier further back than guidelines recommended.

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South Tyneside Council have launched an investigation into the incident which happened on Monday night.

Gazette readers have used out Facebook page to air their views on the matter.

Charlene Huntley wrote: “Nice they did a free display but if you aren’t going to do it properly and safely, don’t bother doing one at all.

“Doesn’t matter if you pay or go to a free, you expect health and safety guidelines to have been followed.”

Vicky Chisholm added: “Bairns could’ve been scarred for life.

“Everyone is saying ‘accidents happen’ - like that is some sort of excuse for a lit firework firing towards kids.”

Natalie Moulding posted: “I have three kids and this has happened at my own home.

“Unfortunately I can’t test them before hand so it’s expected that some errors my happen.

“It was an accident and these things happen. I feel for the kids injured however, as a parent, I would have stood well back as well. Not the pubs fault like at all.”

Amy Powell wrote: “Feel sorry for the Greyhound to be getting so much hatred about the fireworks display.

“Yes, a firework blew in the wrong direction, yes people got a fright, but that can happen at any event

“Hope all the kids that got scared aren’t scared for life because of that incident.”

Vicky Workman added: “Wonder if all these people saying “well accidents happen” would say that to their own if it happened to them.”

Wendy Stead added: “I can see both sides. The pub was clearly trying to do something nice for the community by putting this display on free of charge and I am sure they will be feeling awful about this .