Readers react to Marsden Grotto hotel plans

Marsden Grotto
Marsden Grotto

A wrangle over plans to turn an historic seafront pub into a hotel has sparked a debate among readers.

Pub owner Terry Maughan is seeking to make internal renovations to convert the first floor of the Marsden Grotto pub into 10 bedrooms.

This could be the Grotto’s last chance.

Margaret Davies

Planners at South Tyneside Council are worried about the wildlife with concerns centring on the Grotto being within the Durham Coast Special Area of Conservation and the Durham Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest.

They are demanding an environmental assessment of the plan - which Mr Maughan says will delay the project.

Readers have taken to our social media sites to air their views.

Margaret Davies said: “This could provide jobs and a secure future for one of our historical building but they would rather worry about wildlife which I’m sure would adapt to their surrounding as they have been doing for hundred of years.

“The Grotto has been struggling for years and this could be the last chance.”

Christine Young-brown posted: “Marsden Grotto has been there forever. It’s lived with the wildlife for at least a 100 years. So what’s the problem?

“Seagulls and whatever other wildlife there is, have always lived in harmony. It’s all part of our history.”

But David Ord agrees with the planners.

He said: “Carrying out of the work might have an impact so in that sense the proposer needs to show that it won’t have an impact such as the use of machinery materials and everything else used externally.”

A survey is supported by Jason Swan. He posted: “Makes perfect sense that they would need to do an environmental survey considering where the building is. Well done to the planners. Common sense prevails.”