Readers slam yobs who stuck pins in swing seats at South Shields park

Vandalised swings at Readhead Park play area
Vandalised swings at Readhead Park play area

Gazette readers have condemed the yobs who booby trapped a play park in South Tyneside by scattering drawing pins as “disgusting”.

The pins, some of which were placed on a swing seat, were spotted in Readhead Park, South Shields, by a member of the public.

They had been shoved into the base of one swing seat and also scattered across the ground of the park, in Sunderland Road.

Officers from South Tyneside Council went out immediately to remove the pins and clean up the area and have gone out a twice more to make sure those responsible haven’t targeted the area again.

Readers shared their views online, calling the actions “disgusting” and “psychopathic behaviour”.

One user on the Gazette website, known as didacts, said: “Psychopathic behaviour. It’s things like this that reduce my faith in my fellow human.

“People with his mentality will never do well and I hope karma gives those that would do harm to some stranger’s child their comeuppance sooner rather than later.”

On Facebook, Susan Sinclair simply wrote: “Idiots!”, while Lisa Valente branded those responsible “Brainless idiots!”

Marie Simpson added: “Some absolutely vile creatures walking our town, it’s beyond worrying.”

Paul Gray suspected that those behind the act could be children. He said: “Chances are just other kids, sounds a very child-like prank.”

Jade Rose Haley warned her friend to check swing seats when visiting the park, adding “this is shocking!”

Jeni Jackson said: “Why would you ever want to inflict pain on kids? I don’t care what age these brainless idiots are they will know this is wrong! This is the reason parks start closing and then there is nowhere for kids to go!”

Gemma Peterson added: “What’s going on with society today? Never in a million years would I and probably the majority of my school have ever thought about doing this when we were younger. Absolute scumbags!”

Kevin Newman was also disgusted. He simply posted: “Morons.”