Readers split on fines for pavement-parking drivers

You came in your hundreds to share your views on whether or not fines should be issued to motorists who park their vehicles on the pavement.

Friday, 13th April 2018, 12:33 pm
Updated Friday, 13th April 2018, 12:46 pm
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In an online poll, more than 600 of you had your say, with the vote coming out 55% in favour of these drivers not getting fines. The Department for Transport is considering plans to roll proposals out across England and Wales, following the success of a similar scheme in London. Here in the North East, it split opinion.

Many of you have raised concerns about what would happen to cars fully parked on the road when the emergency services, or bigger vehicles, need to pass through. Others complained about having to walk on the road with wheelchairs, pushchairs and walking frames.

Have you had your say on the issue? Here's how you reacted on social media.

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Alison Turnbull Halliday: "If I don't park on the curb buses or fire engines wouldn't be able to get up the street.

"As long as there's enough space on the path to walk past then I don't see the problem."

Stephen West: "Most of the estates were built at a time when few people had cars so parking wasn't much of an issue.

"A lot of the side roads are pretty narrow so people have to park a bit on the path. My van included.

If I parked it fully on the road, with all other cars in street there is nothing going to be able to drive up. So in my case the answer is no."

Kirsty Dickson: "The roads and streets as they are were never designed to cope with the amount of vehicles on the road now.

"They are too narrow or they are now bus routes when pre-1980 all buses were main road routes only."

Catherine Stockdale: "If they leave a big enough gap to get a wheelchair/pushchair through then fair enough but if they take up too much space and you end up on the road with a baby in a pushchair then they should be fined."

India Leigh Lawson: "If I never parked on my path outside my house cars wouldn't be able to get past. How can you fine people when the roads aren't wide enough."

David Cowley: "Often you have no choice! Recently houses have been built and the heavy duty wagons etc couldn't pass through our narrow street if cars didn't share pavement space."

Mandy Lee: "Councils should start making provisions for the sheer amount of cars now and parking on the pavement is making the road safer for access ... just leave a little space for pedestrians so they can still walk in safety."

Jane A Lawson: "It is very difficult when parking in residential areas not to, however I do feel if parking on pavements is causing a danger/obstruction to drivers vision coming out of junctions etc action should then be taken."

Amy Murray: "People with prams, wheelchairs, blind people and old etc should not have to walk on the road. The road is the place for cars."

John Turpin: "Blocking the pavement is a dangerous thing for children disabled and the elderly in particular."

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Kyle Taylor: "Should depend on the street it is, some streets it needs to be done because of how narrow it is."

Marina Burgham: "Yes for people parking near enough completely on path they just need to leave enough space for you to get past. I needed to go on road a few times with a buggy and my other two kids just leave space big enough to get past."

David A Turnbull: "It's a problem all over yes fine irresponsible pavement parking use the money to fill the potholes in the roads."

Karl Burgess: "Of course they should. Why is this even a question?"

Christine Heslop: "Definitely, roads are for cars, pavements are for pedestrians."