Recycling village row continues as readers don’t buy budget cuts as an excuse

Middlefields Recycling Village traffic queues.
Middlefields Recycling Village traffic queues.

Gazette readers say they are not impressed over “budget cuts” being blamed for the traffic jams at the borough’s recycling village.

Council chiefs in South Tyneside say they have had difficult choices to make over service provision in the borough because of huge cuts to the cash they receive from the Government.

But people have once again taken to social media to vent their anger over issues raised by resident Steven Dickinson at the site in Middlefield Industrial Estate.

Mr Dickinson was left to wait 45 minutes to dispose of his rubbish - delays many other readers say they have also experienced.

Some readers say the austerity argument is starting to wear thin.

Steven Williams said: “Maybe if they had not wasted millions on The Word they would actually be able to provide a service to the vast majority of voters in the borough.”

Staff on site should only have to empty the big skips.

Kristofer Read

Matthew Hunt posted: “I notice the cuts haven’t affected the councillors pay rises.”

Jack Pearce wrote: “We may have a ‘Labour-in-name-led-council but they definitely are not for the working man/woman. Anything they can’t handle gets put into a box labelled ‘Blame Tory Cuts’.”

Paul Catley suggested the cost of having rubbish taken away could be a factor.

He wrote: “They tried to charge my mother £36 years ago to come and take an old toilet away. Hammer, smash, in the bin, they still ended up taking it, but for nowt.”

Radoslaw Ragun posted: “It wouldn’t be an issue if recycling bins were collected every time even if there are items which shouldn’t be in a blue bin. Now if they will find one item in a blue bin, it will not be collected.

“What happens next? People taking everything from a blue bin and going to recycle village and drop everything off to general waste bin.

Kerry Ann Elliott wrote: “There should be somewhere to park if you only have a couple of bags or boxes and walk over, instead of waiting in a queue. Saving time and angry exchanges.”

Kristofer Read posted: “Am I missing the point here? Why do people need to be beckoned into a parking spot?

“There are signs on the skips and a clearly marked parking area. Staff on site should only have to empty the big skips. Should have more regular bin days so people wouldn’t need to go to the tip as much.

Peter Watt added: “Blame the Tories for everything. Our council is more Tory than the Tories.”