Residents confused over future of Jarrow flats

UNHAPPY ... the residents of Nolan Hall are upset about the changes.
UNHAPPY ... the residents of Nolan Hall are upset about the changes.

RESIDENTS who are having to leave their rundown sheltered accommodation in South Tyneside say they have been left confused as new tenants are set to move in.

People living in Nolan Hall, in Concorde Way, Jarrow, know they have to move out of the building by next year because of its poor condition.

Last week, workmen appeared to be fitting new carpets in some of the empty flats and were informed that the apartments were going to be used temporarily by South Tyneside Home tenants, who were having improvement works carried out on their properties. Resident Joseph Bolton, 67, said: “This is causing a lot of confusion, we’re being told we have to go, but in the next instance new people are getting moved in.

“Some of the older residents thought they might now be staying because new carpets were being fitted.”

Mr Bolton, who’s been at Nolan Hall for almost four years, says he and his neighbours pay a surcharge on top of their rent which covers the cost for security, cleaners and communal areas, such as the lounge and laundry rooms.

He said: “It’s not very fair if we’re still going to have to still pay these surcharges, which work out at about £30 extra a week, if the new residents don’t. Are we going to have to share our facilities with them too? Are they going to be older and retired like us? Nobody has told us a thing.”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Homes said: “Several empty properties in Nolan Hall are being used temporarily as decant properties for tenants undergoing Decent Homes work in nearby estates.

“These are flats which have been vacated by residents as part of the decommissioning process of Nolan Hall. These properties will house vulnerable, elderly or frail people, who cannot remain in their own homes during improvement works. All charges applied to existing tenants will also apply to the decant properties.”

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