Residents cry ‘foul’ over spelling mistake

BAD SIGN ... the spelling blunder in a warning to dog walkers.
BAD SIGN ... the spelling blunder in a warning to dog walkers.

SIGNWRITERS put their foot in it when they made a mess of an anti-dog fouling warning at a South Tyneside park.

A large painted sign appeared on a footpath this week at Grange Park, East Boldon, warning dog owners to clean up after their pooches.

Unfortunately, part of the signage at the park was misspelled, sparking complaints from local residents.

The offending sign, included an illustration of a dog defecating, read ‘Clean it up! Repect children’s health’.

One resident sent a photograph of the misspelled sign, and another local said: “The sign looked ridiculous with the word ‘respect’ misspelled, and what made it worse is that the sign was really big.

“I saw a crowd of local people looking at the sign and shaking their heads.

“It was just embarrassing that something so large could be wrong like that.”

Just after the offending sign appeared at Grange Park, the signwriters realised their mistake and tried to put things right.

Another resident e-mailed the Gazette, explaining: “The painted sign has now been rubbed out with what looks like soil and painted over. There are other signs painted around the park. The residents aren’t happy.”

Similar signage has been painted on footpaths at several borough parks.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “This was simply down to human error.

“We realised the mistake within 10 minutes of the path being painted, and the engineer immediately made the correction.”

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