REVEALED: Former Northumbria Police Chief Constable Sue Sim received highest police salary in North East

Northumbria Police Chief Constable Sue Sim.
Northumbria Police Chief Constable Sue Sim.

Tyne and Wear and Northumberland's police force has the highest number of staff paid £100,000 or more in the North East.

An investigation by campaign group the Tax Payers' Alliance has revealed salary figures for forces across the country.

Northumbria Police has 14 employees earning £100,000 or more, two employees on £150,000 or more and one - former Chief Constable Sue Sim - earning more than £200,000.

Her salary has been revealed as £202,801, with £2,501 categorized expenses.

Deputy Chief Constable Steve Ashman has a salary of £173,806 with £1,855 categorized expenses.

The figures are for 2013-14.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "The men and women working in these services do tough, dangerous jobs for which the public are grateful, but that only makes it even more infuriating when those at the top continue to get taxpayer-funded deals and pay-offs that are completely out of step with reality.

"Necessary savings are being made and this reality must be reflected in the pay packages for the top brass."

The force with the most employees earning more than £100,000 is the Metropolitan Police, with 206. There are six employees taking home £200,000 or more.