Revealed: Majority of readers want Brexit - have your say here

More than 500 of you have voted to share your views on the upcoming EU Referendum - and more than 400 think we would be better off flying solo.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 10:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 11:33 am
Are you voting in or out?

Yesterday we launched our "should we remain in the EU poll" and so far we seem to be sitting firmly in the Brexit camp.

But what else have you been saying about the EU?

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Wetherspoon boss sends Brexit message on pub beer mats

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The Brexit bus has been spotted in the region recently - and plenty of you had something to say about the decision of J.D. Wetherspoon to publicise that they were vote leave with the release of Brexit beer mats.

Here are some of your comments from social media on the latest stories. The vote will take place on June 23.

1. Eddie Hamilton: "They're his own pubs he's entitled to do as he pleases, if you don't like his political stance then drink elsewhere, simples."

2. Janet Pascoe: "We had rights before we joined the EU, so what has happened to them, everyone giving advice is telling us to do what is best for them and their job especially politicians, we are British and will survive - no matter what."

3. Marc Davison: "Voting out of the EU is the duty of the British people for the sovereignty of the nation. To vote to stay in an anti-democratic, unelected-run, authoritarian government is treason to the country, in my opinion."

4. Stephen Hubber: "All businesses that cater to the public should remain apolitical. It's offensive and, on another level, potentially bad for one's business."

5. Graham Fawcett: "By voting out you are going to give up the European employment laws that protect us who work for a living, giving back the Tories free rain over unions, employees pay, working hours and much more.

"It's very dangerous and narrow minded to make a decision based on immigration alone."

6. Rachel Elizabeth Marshall: I'm in. But it looks like the out crowd is most vocal, so I would guess we'll be out regardless.

"At least if it goes wrong I can say I was against it. But if things go wrong, that would have little comfort.

"So many older people are voting out and the younger generations will be the ones to live with the consequences."

7. Neil Chapman: "If we weren't in the EU would you vote to join now? It's a shambles."

8. Anthony Fletcher: "If we leave we govern ourselves, it's as simple as that.

"Work directives can be voted back in. Not all work directives are good though, remember that.

"Once we take ownership of our country, we can make it better, not worse."

9. Karen Ratcliffe: "Any business trying to sway people one way or another is never a good thing. They'll annoy some and get support from others.

"I'm just thankful that I haven't got my information about the EU from a beer mat."

10. Gary Lindsay: "The Government can use tax payers money to send information to your house saying to vote in so what's wrong with a pub chain using beer mats to say vote out. At least the beer mat will be read while having a pint, nice one Wetherspoons."

11. Jim Robson: "I believe most Brexiters would vote to leave any form of EU even if the they couldn't find and structural fault with it.

"That's why I can't support exit as a way to eventual world unity. I wish there could be two more voting options on the ballot paper.

"Do you wish to leave any form of EU, do you wish to leave only the current EU, do you want to stay in this EU, do you want to stay in a different EU."