Revellers warned to behave on Black Eye Friday

JOINING FORCES ... Alex Ozobia, left, duty manager at Kirkpatrick's with Insp Peter Sutton.
JOINING FORCES ... Alex Ozobia, left, duty manager at Kirkpatrick's with Insp Peter Sutton.

CHRISTMAS troublemakers could find themselves banned from bars across South Tyneside.

The warning comes as police gear up for what is set to be a busy weekend for the borough’s pubs and clubs.

Hundreds of people are expected to hit town centres tomorrow night – traditionally known as Black Eye Friday – as the festive party season gets underway.

Police warn those who step out of line will be arrested and could find themselves waking up in a cell.

Troublemakers will also be banned from bars in the South Shields PubWatch scheme over the festive season, which will include New Year’s Eve.

Information on those excluded will also be passed on to pubs in the Jarrow and Hebburn PubWatch scheme. The three ventures have joined forces to create South Tyneside PubWatch, which has 30 pubs and clubs on its list.

To date, there are 72 people on the South Shields exclusion list.

South Shields Pubwatch chairman, Barry Neaber, said: “The individual schemes can now pass information on those excluded from pubs and clubs between one another.

“This means, if someone is barred from South Shields, their details and photograph will be passed on to both the Jarrow and Hebburn PubWatch schemes, who will each issue a warning.

“This enables managers to look out for troublemakers. If they step out of line, they will find themselves barred.”

He added: “By the borough’s pubwatches joining forces, it strengthens our stance against those intent on causing trouble and enables us to make a night out in either South Shields, Jarrow or Hebburn even more enjoyable.”

Neighbourhood Inspector, Peter Sutton, said: “We want people to come to South Shields and enjoy its nightlife, especially at this time of year, but we want people to be safe.

“Extra officers will be on patrol on the busiest nights to reassure those coming into the town centre and to take action against people intent on causing trouble.

“We want people to remember their festive night out for all the right reasons, not for ending the night in a police cell and potentially a criminal record.”

Police are also reminding revellers to ensure they keep an eye on their belongings at all times, look out for friends, never walk home alone, don’t leave drinks unattended and don’t accept rides from taxi drivers not displaying council plates.

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