RNLI lifeguards rescue children cut off by the tide in South Shields

RNLI life guards had a busy weekend of incidents in South Shields.
RNLI life guards had a busy weekend of incidents in South Shields.

RNLI lifeguards in South Shields had a busy weekend assisting three children cut off by the tide and providing first aid to a 90-year-old woman who had fallen.

On Sunday, July 15, at around 2.30pm, RNLI lifeguard Jake Wood and Lifeguard Supervisor Sean Mills were out patrolling on the rescue boat when they spotted two children who were becoming cut off by the rising tide on Mowbray Beach and who appeared too out of their depth to swim back

The charity’s lifeguards were able to reach the children within seconds and took them on-board the boat and back to the beach safely.

Later in the afternoon, lifeguards assisted another child who had found themselves in the same predicament and needed the assistance of the lifeguards to bring them back to the beach.

Meanwhile Sandhaven RNLI lifeguards were busy taking care of a 90-year-old woman who had fallen and broken her hip.

Members of the public were able to help the woman onto a nearby bench whilst the lifeguards were called for.

The first aid-trained lifeguards made sure the lady was comfortable and gave her paracetamol to ease her pain before an ambulance arrived to provide further medical assistance.

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor Sean Mills said: "To prevent people getting into difficulty, we would encourage swimmers to stay between the red and yellow flags and to ask us for more information about tide times.

"It’s fortunate that these incidents have taken place at a lifeguarded beach as we can immediately assist in the event of an emergency and provide casualty care.

"We urge anyone visiting the coast throughout the summer to visit a lifeguarded beach, as we are there to keep everyone safe and to offer safety advice.’