Romantic gestures rule for over-50s on Valentine's Day

Over-50s won't be sucked into the commercial side of Valentine's Day this year, a survey has revealed.

Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day.

A poll of more than 7,000 people over 50 by Saga shows while many see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show their affection by splashing the cash on loved ones, a surprising number would rather display the scale of their affection with a romantic gesture.

While men appear to find traditional products such as cards and flowers the most appropriate gift, women are more likely to make a romantic gesture, with one in 10 planning on cooking a meal at home and one in 12 planning a romantic dinner out.

Men also seem to buy into the notion that food is the way to a lover’s heart, with one in six planning on celebrating with dinner.

However, rather than donning their aprons, men prefer to go out and leave the cooking to a professional.

Surprisingly, a large majority of the over 50s are boycotting the Valentine’s Card this year, with only one in three planning on purchasing one.

A number of over 50s, however, are planning to go all out this Valentine’s, men will typically spend £44 on the object of their affections, whereas women spend around £15.

However, two in five people are not planning on spending any money on their partner this year.

This number is significantly higher in women than men, with over half of women deciding not to present a gift, compared to just over a third of men.

Paul Green from Saga said: “Romance appears to be blooming amongst the over 50s this Valentine’s Day."