Rubbish rumpus: New plan for South Shields recycling village sparks debate

Middlefields Recycling Village traffic queues.
Middlefields Recycling Village traffic queues.

A rumpus over recycling is continuing to rumble after Gazette readers delivered a mixed bag of messages to council chiefs looking to cut waiting times at South Tyneside’s main tip.

Dozens took to social media to both praise – and criticise – new initiatives by South Tyneside Council to improve efficiency.

On Tuesday, the Gazette revealed extra staff were being called upon to work at the Middlefields Recycling Village at Tyne Dock, South Shields.

The move came amid fierce public criticism about delays of up to 45 minutes to dispose of rubbish.

Bosses now say additional employees will be on site over the coming weeks and new systems trialled.

These include a fast-track method for visitors wishing to dispose of only a small amount of material.

On the Gazette’s Facebook page, reader Lori Gilleece claimed the solution was simple – cars should reverse boot first towards the skips.

She said: “That’s how it used to work at the old tip. Double the amount of people unloading, at one time, then!”

And Sheila Robinson insisted: “It’s not extra staff they need. They need to make sure that all the skips are in use.”

Neil Robinson said: “The staff have seen the queues for months. Surely someone at some point has mentioned this to management?

“It doesn’t need extra funding, it just needs the staff to do their job.”

Heather Ditchburn added: “It would help if they moved the electrical drop off back to where it was so people don’t have to sit in the enormous queue to drop their knackered lawnmower off.”

And Tracy Tooley said: “When you’re at work, it’s impossible to get to the tip, therefore you have no choice but to go on a weekend along with everyone else.”

Steve Wilson said: “The only way more staff will reduce the queues is if they use the extra staff to keep it open till 8pm again.

“I get in from work at 6pm so can only go on a weekend, keep it open until 8pm and the weekend queues will disappear.”

But Graham Jennings defended the council, calling those who complained about the service a “bunch of whingers”.

He said: “I’ve used the recycling centre for years, and although have had to wait a few minutes on a few occasions, I’ve never found it a problem.”

And Laurence Sinclair said: “I was down yesterday, things seemed to be 
running smoother. Some people seem to enjoy dithering.”