School to reopen to students after power cut shut off toilet system

St Joseph's Catholic Academy in Hebburn will reopen today.
St Joseph's Catholic Academy in Hebburn will reopen today.

School pupils will return to classes this morning after repairs to a failed water pump system were put to the test over the weekend.

St Joseph's Catholic Academy, in Mill Lane, Hebburn, was closed on Friday after a power cut the day before led to problems with its cold water pump system.
This meant the toilets were out of action and the school could not open, so while power was restored, its facilities were still out of service.

The issue had been caused due to a power cut on Thursday linked to the flood alleviation work which is being carried out beyond the school at the rear of the site and is also impacting on traffic on the main road, where work is being carried out and temporary lights are in operation.

As the weekend began, the school's leaders said repairs had been carried out and classes would resume this morning.
Its website has confirmed the water pump had been put to the test over the weekend and the school is open again.

The flood alleviation project aims to reduce the flooding risk to around 100 homes and commercial properties in the Monkton and Hebburn South areas.
Measures include improved drainage and ponds designed to slow water run-off.

The scheme comes after work by Northumbrian Water to improve the sewage drainage network.