Seals by the seaside: Your pictures of pups on the Sunderland and South Shields coast

Seals are frequent visitors to our beaches, come rain or shine - and recently we have had quite a few take a rest stop on our shores.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 2:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 2:19 pm
We have been loving your pictures of seals.

Whether you've been visiting the seaside at Sunderland or South Shields, many of you have been lucky enough to spot a pup reclining on the sand or enjoying the sunshine. We took a look back through our archive at some of our favourite pictures, taken by you, catching the seals in action - along with some of your recent photographs. See them here in all of their glory.

A big smile. Picture: Steven Lomas.
Strike a pose! Picture: Lee Ridley.

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Barking at the sea. Picture: Steven Lomas.
Time for a rest. Picture: Lyndsey Kelly.
Peekaboo! Picture: Steven Lomas.
Taking a rest on the sand. Picture: Julie Marsh.
A happy little visitor. Picture: Steven Lomas.
Sun in his eyes. Picture: Wendy Price.
Snoozing away. Picture: Gemma Adamson.
What you looking at? Picture: Steven Lomas.
On the move. Picture: Sarah Jane Handy.
Take my photo! Picture: Lee Tuck.
Photo bombing the pet dog. Picture: Nicola Watson Walker.
Forty winks. Picture: Robert Hutchinson.
Double trouble! Picture: Steven Lomas.