Searching for the angels who helped a South Shields pensioner

Patrick Cain House resident Denis Wright was helped back to his home after a fall
Patrick Cain House resident Denis Wright was helped back to his home after a fall

A PENSIONER who collapsed in the street is looking to trace and thank two “guardian angels” who came to his rescue.

On Monday afternoon, Denis Wright, 86, lost his balance and fell flat on his face after getting off the number 27 bus, in South Eldon Street, South Shields.

The widower was left dazed on the pavement after taking the tumble a couple of hundred yards from his home, in Patrick Cain House sheltered accommodation.

Disorientated, he was approached by a young couple who had been passing in a car. They lifted Denis into their vehicle and drove him home, ensuring he was safely in the front door of the complex before driving off.

The retired council administration assistant sustained a badly bruised right arm and cuts to his leg, but did not seek hospital treatment.

Now the pensioner would like to track down the couple who came to his aid.

He said: “I can’t thank this young couple enough for coming to my rescue.

“I’d like to see them and thank them personally. I don’t know what happened, I got off the bus and it drove off, and the next thing I know I was flat down on my face.

“I was standing one moment and down the next. The young man lifted me up and put me in the car.

“They made sure I got home safely, for which I am really very grateful. I’d been to an appointment about my hearing aid at Palmer’s, in Jarrow. Nothing like this has happened to me before. Happily, there were no broken bones.”

If you are Denis’ guardian angels, call 501 7245.