See the problems cyclists have to cope with on our roads

A campaign has been launched to protect cyclists - after police released a terrifying video of several close shaves.

Tuesday, 7th March 2017, 12:14 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:10 am
Northumbria Police are trying to protect cyclists.

Northumbria Police is vowing to clamp down on dangerous drivers.

It comes as figures show 12% of people killed or seriously injured in roads accidents are cyclists.

'Operation Cadence' is encouraging cyclists to send their own headcam footage to the police to ensure dangerous drivers are brought to justice.

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Coun Michael Mordey who oversees road safety at Sunderland City Council and is a member of the North East Combined Authority’s (NECA) transport committee, said: “All road users need to pay attention at all times and to abide by the Highway Code.

“A campaign reminding drivers of their responsibilities and the vulnerability of cyclists is very welcome.

“Anyone with evidence of bad and dangerous behaviour by other road users should always contact the police.”

As well as the serious incidents, there are hundreds of minor accidents involving cyclists every year.

Previous educational campaigns by the police have tried to encourage greater respect for vulnerable road users in the North East.

The problem is particularly evident at junctions and on narrow roads.

Footage that is sent to the police will be viewed by a dedicated officer, who will speak with victims before deciding how the driver is dealt with.

PC Richard Groves, of Northumbria Police's motor patrols department, said: "The Op Cadence campaign is about targeting motorists whose driving behaviour is putting cyclists at risk.

"Modern technology means that motorists no longer need to be caught red-handed by the police at the scene of the crime to be prosecuted.

"More and more cyclists now have go pro cameras and this means we can put people before the courts even if we don't catch them at the scene.

"We want to educate motorists about how to behave around cyclists but we also want to encourage cyclists to contact police about near misses if they have video footage.

"We will analyse the footage, speak to victims about what punishment they would like to see and then take appropriate action that could see drivers put before the court.

"A significant number of motorists are not showing the required amount of respect to other road users.

"We hope this campaign will change attitudes and behaviour on the road."

Northumbria Police are working with local cycle groups to see how best the force can tackle the problem, while posters and leaflets have been produced to raise awareness of the campaign.

Those with footage they feel needs to be investigated can send it to [email protected]