Serial thief jailed after threatening South Tyneside security guard with needle

A serial thief who threatened to stab a supermarket security guard with a hypodermic needle has been put behind bars

The Morrisons store in Jarrow
The Morrisons store in Jarrow

Customers at Morrisons in Jarrow alerted staff when they saw Kayleigh Trainer concealing shopping inside carrier bags as she walked around the store pushing a trolley on May 4.

When a security worker confronted the 29-year-old and tried to detain her, she became aggressive and produced the weapon.

Prosecutor Nicholas Rooke told Newcastle Crown Court: "She threatened to use the needle.

"This caused the guard to feel extreme alarm. "

The court heard the carrier bag and a shoe box she had been filling at the store were foil lined in a bid for her to avoid activating alarms.

Trainer had made similar threats with a needle when she was caught stealing from a store in Newcastle one month before.

She pleaded guilty to thefts, having offensive weapons and going equipped.

At the time of the offences she was on a community order imposed by South Tyneside Magistrates for theft at Asda.

She had been given a tag to wear as part of her curfew requirements but admitted removing it from her ankle without authority.

Trainer has a total of 60 previous convictions, half of which are for theft and related offences.

She has been given a variety of court orders in the past in an attempt to address her drug habit.

Judge Peter Kelson has now sentenced her to 15 months behind bars.

The judge said :"The court has bent over backwards to assist you, assist you with your drug problem.

"The court recognises you are an offender by reason of your drug problem but you have to help yourself.

"In all the circumstances, a prison sentence is inevitable. "

The judge said he had considered for defence team submission that Trainer was a "tool at the hands of more superior criminals" because of her drug habit.