Seven things you said about which shops should come to Shields

New supermarket plans for South Shields may have been halted - but the people of the town are dreaming of what else could open in its place.

Thursday, 4th February 2016, 9:41 am
Updated Thursday, 4th February 2016, 9:49 am
The former Streamline Garages site, which forms part of the 365 regeneration area in South Shields. What would you like to see in the area?

You came in your dozens to tell us which businesses you think are most needed for shoppers - and which stores you would most like to see set up a local branch.

Discussions began following the announcement that part of the 365 Masterplan, to bring a new supermarket to Shields, was being deferred.

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'South Shields needs a proper department store' say readers

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When we asked you for more information, dozens of you told us that your number one shop of choice would be Primark. Our story got more than 70 comments from you, our readers, and 30 shares.

Some of you called for a "proper" department store such as Debenhams, House Of Fraser or John Lewis and others asked for particular shops, including one selling men's clothes, and one for baby items.

Matalan, Marks & Spencer and the return of Binns were also popular choices.

Here's seven things you said about which shops you want in the town.

Sue Powell: "Primark is ideal for people who don't have much money. You get good value for your money and it means the money would be spent in South Shields instead of Sunderland and Newcastle."

Kelsie Paige Sinclair: "Primark (because it's one of the best retail stores and popular and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to shop), Lush (because who doesn't want to indulge in a bath shop for bath treatment and skin care products), Home Bargains, more stores for lads to shop in, a good shoe shop, a baby store (not many places at all to buy baby clothes unless you go to George at Asda or Next), maybe a candle store. Shields needs popular stores because then the stores will make the money and not have to close down and make it a ghost town. Maybe a craft store a mini Hobbycraft. My mam's got to travel far to go buy her craft things."

Eileen Gray: "Primark is what we need for clothes, bedding, household goods at affordable prices."

Linda Robinson: "Should never [have] got rid of Binns. We desperately need something, Shields town centre is dead. No M&S, no electrical shops, no furniture stores either and we could do with a decent wallpaper and paint shop. Come on get it sorted please."

Carol Thompson: "Our town centre is shocking. I come from a generation where the town was full of great shops and it was a time when people didn't have a lot of money but somehow the shop were busy. Someone decided to pull all the old buildings down and ripped the heart out of the town and left us with these horrible building and this thing they call the hub - shocking."

Trevor Ord: "No amount of comments will cause a major retailer of any description to rush to the town. They'll come if and when it's commercially viable for them to do so.

Considering the amount of retailers who have recently closed their shops (or announced their plans to) I don't think we'll be seeing any new arrivals any time soon."

Julie Ann Stephenson: "Primark would make a fortune, the amount of people who say we should have one. Thought the old Woolworths was going to be a Primar, hundreds of disappointed people when it turned out to be another Poundland. We need shops that are going to attract people to the area. If people from Shields want to go to Primark they need to travel to either Newcastle or Sunderland. It's time Shields got a few good shops."