From Seville to South Shields! Lovebirds Romeo and Juliet seek new homes

From Seville to South Shields '“ this pair of lovebirds have made quite a journey.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 11:04 am
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 3:35 pm
Romeo and Juliet with Julie French, who helped to rescue them from the streets of Seville, in Spain.

Labradors Romeo and Juliet were recently rescued from a “terrible” life on the streets of the Spanish city.

They had to scavenge for food and were treated badly, but after an unlikely departure to South Shields earlier this month, things appear to be looking up.

Maria Harrison, the founder of the Willows Rehoming Centre.

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The two-year-olds are now in the care of the Willows Rehoming Centre, in South Shields, having been brought over by Julie French, a close friend of the charity’s founder, Maria Harrison.

They were rescued along with their puppy from the city centre in Seville, with the puppy having found a home in Spain.

The dogs had belonged to squatters, who moved away and left them to scavenge for themselves. They are now hoping to find new homes in their adopted country.

Maria said: “Julie used to live in Spain, and did a lot of work helping dogs out there, because a lot of them live in appalling conditions.

Maria Harrison, the founder of the Willows Rehoming Centre.

“She remained in touch with people there, and was told about Romeo and Juliet.

“They spent many months in very bad conditions, and had been wandering about the city with a puppy getting food by the roadside.

“Some people had been throwing bricks at them, and they had a terrible life having to survive, like thousands of dogs over there.

“Fortunately they’re now safe in South Shields, and hopefully we can find a perfect new home for them.”

However, Maria accepts that the dogs may now have to be parted.

She added: “All dogs can be separated, and will cope OK. They have been together for a long time and they love each other deeply, but there’s no reason they can’t live apart.

“It might be too much of a tall order to ask people to take both dogs. We’re realistic enough to realise that. It would be very nice to find them both a fabulous home.”

Anyone who does provide either of them with a loving home will be getting a “lovely” and “affectionate” pet, according to Maria.

She added: “Romeo and Juliet are both very friendly and affectionate.

“They are both very outgoing and loving. They are very domesticated, affectionate and kind. They would make lovely pets.”

Anyone who feels they can provide a home for either or both of the dogs, and would like to talk or arrange an appointment, can call 0191 536 6221, 07590 232222 or 07719 605383.