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As I make my way around on my bicycle, my road is lined with an almost constant ribbon of rubbish.

Plastic bags, bottles, food containers, drink cans, furniture, mattresses, piles of builders’ waste, treated wood, tyres, asbestos, toilet paper; basically almost anything you can imagine.

It looks disgusting, it threatens our wonderful ecology, and worst of all, if it is not picked up, natural processes will bury it underground, where it will remain hidden for thousands of years.

Sadly, despite the efforts of litter picking groups and concerned individuals, this is evidently a battle which is being lost.

Collectively they simply cannot counter the out-pour, and the response from councils is generally marginal.


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I’ve created a petition for the creation of a National Litter Clean-Up Scheme. A simple and cheap solution, it reads as follows:

For the creation of a nationwide, government-run, voluntary Litter Clean-Up Scheme, where publicly funded bodies are made responsible for planning, organising and implementing litter pick-ups. The pick-ups would utilise volunteers and would be organised and controlled by the authority responsible for the area being cleaned on any particular campaign.

If you care for what you’ve just read then please take a few minutes to sign the petition, and please spread the word by any possible means; social media, magazines, word of mouth, pigeons – This is the only way it will work.

You’ll find the petition at It only takes a few minutes and there’s no need to register.


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If we truly value the beauty of where we live then we must be proactive, get out there and clean up this mess, and in doing so not only set an example to each other, but encourage the consideration that our planet so desperately needs.

Alex Thomson