Signs spark fears of dog poisoning at South Shields park

The posters which have appeared in Mowbray Park.
The posters which have appeared in Mowbray Park.

A South Shields dog owner fears her beloved pet has been poisoned for a second time by contaminated meats left in a South Tyneside park.

The woman’s dog took ill after she took him for a walk in Mowbray Park, off Mowbray Road, South Shields.

Chewbacca is on the road to recovery after it is believed he has been poisoned.

Chewbacca is on the road to recovery after it is believed he has been poisoned.

It is the second time the woman’s dog has become ill after visiting ther park - where another concerned owner has posted signs warning of potentially dangerous food being deliberately left out for dogs.

Council bosses say this new problem at the park has not yet been reported but are urging dog owners to report anyting suspicious that they find.

The warning signs say dog owners should be aware that meat had been found on the grass with ‘suspicious blue powder’ on it.

The signs are taped to bins in the park.

One owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that her 10-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback has taken ill for a second time in recent weeks and believes his illnesses may be connected.

The dog in question - called Chewbacca - initially took ill at Christmas and sparked fears that he may have been poisoned after he ate something left in bushes in Mowbray Park.

His owner said she also had raw mincemeat left on the doorstep of her South Shields home around the same time.

Chewbacca went on to make a full recovery, but has taken ill again in recent weeks.

Now after seeing the signs in the park his owner believes that they could be connected and has alerted South Tyneside Council.

She said: “He has been severely ill again and he has had sleepless nights. It didn’t cross my mind that he had been poisoned again until I saw the poster.

“I think he must have picked something up in the park now as it is the same cycle as it was before. It is so devastating that people could be doing this.

“It is important that the dog community warns each other to be vigilant. Chewbacca is a large dog, but a smaller dog he may not have survived.”

The woman has contacted the council and hopes that they will look into measures to keep dogs safe in the park.

The owner is also urging others to make sure they keep evidence of any suspected poisoning to help put a stop to it.

South Tyneside Council urged dog owners to report any suspicious material.

A council spokesman said: “We have not been made aware of any incidents of alleged poisoning incidents in Mowbray Park.

“We would advise dog owners to report any suspicious material they come across to our Environmental Health service so that so that we can investigate.”