Six out of 10 Brits think using a sex doll is cheating

Sleeping with a sex doll is just as bad as cheating on your partner, new research has suggested.

Sleeping with a sex doll DOES count as cheating, new research reveals.
Sleeping with a sex doll DOES count as cheating, new research reveals.

Six out of 10 married people (59%) think that sleeping with a sex doll IS being unfaithful, according to a survey.

They would feel that their partner is denying them their love in favour of an inanimate object

The 41% who think sleeping with a love doll isn't adulterous said they didn’t see any difference between that and using sex toys and watching adult films.

The survey was carried out by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, which surveyed more than 800 of its members.

While there is no emotional relationship attached to a doll, those who think it an adulterous act said making love is more than just a physical endeavour; it’s an expression of love.

This meant their partner sleeping with anyone (or anything) would be seen as denying that love to them to spend time satisfying themselves with an inanimate object instead - and nobody wants to feel second best to a piece of plastic.

People were also surveyed on whether sleeping with the doll would make them less likely to want to cheat on their partner.

The answer was a resounding no, with as many as 80% claiming a doll alone wouldn’t be enough to dissuade them from having an affair; 5% said yes while 15% were “unsure”.

“What’s apparent is that the majority are worried of feeling inferior to an inanimate object,” said the site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant.