Solved: The mystery of South Shields Town Hall clock’s extra ‘bongs’

South Shields Town Hall.
South Shields Town Hall.

People in South Shields were left double checking their watches today after the town hall’s clock went crazy.

Just after 1pm yesterday the bells rang out at South Shields Town Hall - and kept ringing.

Instead of just one ‘dong’ to mark the hour, 12 were heard – which should have signalled noon or midnight.

Then another set of 12 ‘dongs’ were heard five more times before time stood still at 1.05pm.

However, council bosses say the clock’s malfunction was planned as the power needed to be turned off for it to be re-set.

The clock is now telling the correct time.

A spokesman for South Tyneside council added “Following a recent planned power shut down, the clock needed to be re-set. That explains why the clock chimed more than usual during the reset.

“It has now been re-set and is working fine.”

The town hall is celebrating it’s 105th birthday next week. It was officially opened on October 19, 1910 by the Mayor, Coun G T Grey.