South Shields businessman reaches new heights with photography firm

Hovershot Aerial Imaging .Dave Hudson
Hovershot Aerial Imaging .Dave Hudson

A keen photographer is aiming to fly high with the launch of a new business venture.

David Hudson is taking to the skies with a drone to capture images of the world below.

Hovershot Aerial Imaging was launched in July after Mr Hudson decided now was the time to follow his dream career path.

As well as images and video clips as requested by clients, his drone can also provide images to help with post event damage assessments including storm damaged roof surveys.

Mr Hudson, who has nine years experience of flying unmanned aerial vehicles, said: “I was working as a medical service engineer and I’ve always had an interest in radio controlled aircraft. I saw the potential in drones and decided to go for it.

“I gave up my job the same day I launched my company, it was quite scary but it was something I wanted to do.

“Eventually I want to specialise in architecture, real estate and construction.”

Services offered by Hovershot Aerial Imaging include: high resolution still aerial images of domestic properties, businesses or factories for real estate or promotional purposes and Ultra High Definition (4K) video clips of businesses or factory sites which could be used in promotional videos and safety presentations.

The drone can also be used to capture post event damage assessment, such as storm-damaged roof surveys which can be submitted to insurance companies; also 3D modelling (using photogrammetry techniques), elevation maps which can be useful to architecture/ building sites assessments and NDVI (Normalised difference vegetation index) to assess crop health in agriculture and plant health over vast areas. Areas deemed unsafe or impractical to send a person can also be accessed by the drone.

Mr Hudson, a former medical service engineer, from August Place, South Shields, added: “With my background in engineering, the surveying and construction side of it really does interest me, but I know it’ll take a while to get that side of it off the ground.”

Mr Hudson already has the support of an estate agent and architect and is currently in talks with English Heritage.

For details on Hovershot Aerial Imaging visit the Facebook page or website