South Shields charity calls for more awarness in the workplace of family breakdowns and domestic abuse

A South Tyneside based charity is calling on employers to do more to support workers going through a family breakdown or domestic abuse.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 25th March 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 10:44 am
Family disputes often appear in the workplace
Family disputes often appear in the workplace

The plea, by Impact Family Services, comes as it launches a new campaign designed to reach out to business bosses.

The charity, which supports the people through a family breakdown and domestic abuse, are asking employers to keep an eye out for their workers who may be going through a difficult time.

Nikki Turnbull

CEO of Impact, Nikki Turnbull, said: “As an employer you see your team members every day. If you see changes, it is likely that something is happening at home. We are not asking you tackle it or to pry into employees home life. All it needs is a gentle nudge – send an email around all employees bringing our service to their attention. Ask us for a poster to display or leaflets to have around, and talk about us openly in the office. That person who is struggling will pick up on it and hopefully contact us.”

The charity, which has a base in South Shields, provides a range of programmes designed to support families during a break-up or victims of domestic abuse.

These include: Domestic Violence services – for adults and a support group focusing on children; Perpetrator services (stopping reoffending); Mediation; Child contact Centres; Womens’ services; Separated Parents support; Counselling; Helplines and Respect Young People program.

Nikki added: “Every member of the family needs to know there is somewhere to turn – that place to turn is Impact Family Services.

Nikki Turnbull

“We would welcome the opportunity to be more involved in the corporate world of our regions. We can present to your team for a small donation for example, positioning you as a caring employer. We can send you packs to encourage your fundraising efforts and leaflets and posters to advise of our service. We also have a new website which all employers are welcome to share on an internal email with their staff.

“We need, as a region, to take a stand and help those in family crisis or in danger from violence and abuse – it is all our responsibility, and we would love to hear from any companies that would like to build a relationship and assist us in expanding further, helping more people.”

For information on the charity or you would like to make a donation visit