South Shields clothing firm Barbour wraps up Christmas video

A scene from the Barbour video
A scene from the Barbour video

World-renowned South Tyneside clothing firm Barbour has Christmas all wrapped up – through an alternative advertising campaign to its big-name rivals.

The company’s festive promotion will stick to social media channels only, unlike John Lewis and other multi-national brands that spend millions monopolising prime-time TV slots.

A scene from the  John Lewis Christmas video

A scene from the John Lewis Christmas video

In a continuation of last year’s successful seasonal initiative, their advert – titled ‘The Story Continues’ - features characters based on Raymond Briggs’ famous animated The Snowman film.

The one-minute short was launched last week on Barbour’s own social media channels, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You.

It includes 45 seconds of never seen animation as the film breaks new ground by combining original and fresh footage.

The Jarrow-based heritage and lifestyle brand said TV advertising was not currently its focus, and it would channel promotion into print and digital media.

Paul Wilkinson, its global marketing director, said the film recreated the nostalgia of childhood, the joy of giving at Christmas and special feelings of spending time with friends or relatives.

He added: “Barbour is a brand that evokes fond memories of shared experiences, times and places and we wanted to express this emotion within the film.

“All of us at Barbour are very proud of our North-East roots and we hope that everyone in our home area of South Tyneside will enjoy the film and that it brings a smile and a little cheer during this festive period.”

Made by Lupus Films, the amination continues the story of Billy, the young boy from The Snowman and The Snowdog sequel, imagining him as an adult.

It introduces the new characters of wife and daughter alongside Billy, The Snowman and The Snowdog.

Billy is seen at home with his family and elderly dog on Christmas Eve, later tucking his daughter into bed as the snow begins to fall outside.

After going to bed, he dreams of himself as a young boy in the garden with The Snowman and the Snowdog.

On Christmas morning, he is woken by his daughter jumping up and down on the bed in great excitement.

She goes downstairs and greets the dog waiting at the bottom of the stairs before running over to the Christmas tree to look at her presents

Billy opens the front door to find The Snowman standing there, and is overjoyed to see his friend.

At that moment, his daughter pulls out a present from under the tree with the label The Snowman.

It is unwrapped by The Snowman to reveal a Barbour jacket with a pin badge of him, Billy and the Snowdog.

The film ends with The Snowman trying on his jacket, overcome with emotion and the caption ‘Gifts They’ll Always Remember’.