South Shields dinner lady serves up new novel – and it’s a spicy one!

Ellen Crookes alias Elaine Chissick with her latest book Ties that Harm.  Picture by FRANK REID
Ellen Crookes alias Elaine Chissick with her latest book Ties that Harm. Picture by FRANK REID

A dinner lady is hoping to once again capture the imaginations of readers with a sequel to her first erotic novel.

Elaine R Chissick took only seven months to write her first book The Ties That Bind.

“I hope people will enjoy the second instalment.”

Elaine Chissick

It attracted rave reviews on Amazon, so much so, the 43-year-old from South Shields decided to carry on the story.

Two years later, Ties That Harm is now available to buy allowing readers to find out more about what happened to the main characters.

Elaine said: “I was so engrossed in the first story I started to wonder what happened to the characters, what they would be doing and it just went from there.

“It’s about a what happens next to characters Alexandra and Gabriel as well as introducing new characters into the storyline and how that impacts on their lives.

“Writing the second book was something I felt I needed to do and glad I decided to do it as for me it’s like the story has properly ended now.

“I don’t feel the need to write a third one. However, that’s not to say I won’t write again after a break but maybe something a little bit different.”

This is the third book which has been written by the dinner lady. Her first - Willing and Able was the true story behind her and her husband’s journey through the adoption process.

Her second was the Ties That Bind which received rave reviews from book fans when it became available on Amazon.

The idea for the book came about after the mum-of-two read the hugely popular Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, which had the nation talking about dominating businessman Christian Grey and his submissive partner, college graduate Anastasia Steele.

Elaine added: “After the reviews I received from the first book, I hope people will enjoy the second instalment.”

Ties That Harm focuses on main character Alexandra Dinapoli’s life which is an ongoing rollercoaster of love, light and fun. But it is plunged into a darkness which stops her world turning. And because she’s not the only one to blame for its sudden halt, she has no way of knowing if it will ever turn again.

When past connections become the ties that harm, Alexandra’s worst nightmare becomes an unwanted reality that will test her to her absolute limit.

It is a story of betrayal, revenge and deceit. But who among her friends and family has a secret to hide? Who has a confession to make? Who has a past to repair and who will survive the Ties That Harm?

Ties That Harm - a 567 page group - is available for Kindle via Amazon, priced £3.49.