South Shields film-maker’s tribute to storyteller Erasmus Bottle

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A SOUTH Tyneside film-maker has added his personal tribute to the borough’s self-proclaimed “alternative historian”.

Storyteller Dave Walker died at his home in Spohr Terrace, South Shields, at the weekend after battling cancer. He was 70.

The former BBC film editor was perhaps known for the creation of his alter-ego, Erasmus Bottle, through whom he delivered many comic monologues over the last 15 years.

Documentary maker Gary Wilkinson got to know Mr Walker in recent years after watching his performances as Erasmus at the Wednesday Heritage Club, at South Shields Central Library.

He revealed he had started discussions with him over the possibility of working on a couple of projects.

Mr Wilkinson said: “I arranged to meet up with him in May at his ‘office’ in The Ship in Harton Village.

“We talked about working on a couple of projects, one was on Erasmus and the other was going to be a short documentary about him taking tobacco snuff, which he had done for years.

“I told him that was quite unusual and he said ‘yes, quite exotic. I get it imported you know’. When asked him from where he said, in a dramatic tone, ‘Leicester’.

“I found him a very witty, funny guy and I’m glad I spent some time talking to him.”