South Shields filmmaker hoping to bring 007 Daniel Craig to town to star in his award-winning screenplay

An award-winning screenplay writer from South Shields says he is aiming to bring James Bond star Daniel Craig to the town to star in his film.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 16th April 2016, 8:00 am
Daniel Craig.
Daniel Craig.

Colin Calcutt has picked up two international awards for his screenplay, To Live and Die Twice.

After winning awards in Canada and Indonesia, the dad-of-two is now hoping to bring 007 himself and American actress Helen Hunt to his hometown to shoot the movie.

Colin Calcutt has picked up two international film awards.

The 53-year-old, who lives by the seafront in South Shields, said: “The film is about a major superstar who decides to quit the film game and appears to have committed suicide.

“His friends go on a talk show, which is run by Helen Hunt, to talk about how they all met at school in South Shields where Daniel Craig was the headmaster.”

Since picking up his two awards, Colin has been in discussions with the stars’ agents.

He said: “I approached Daniel Craig’s agent a while ago about getting my script to him, but now I’ve been able to go back to them to say I’ve won two international awards for it.

Colin Calcutt has picked up two international film awards.

“People might not think it seems very likely, but a month ago I would never have thought I’d win two international film awards for my screenplay in the space of a month, so anything is possible.

“The interiors would all be shot on a set but the exteriors would be shot in South Shields. You can’t replicate locations like the Groyne on a set, so Daniel Craig would be coming here to film.”

Colin is also busy revisiting a project he began in Simonside in 2000, dubbed People’s Lives.

The dark comedy film follows two groups of connected characters in a small town in the north of England.

Colin, who is also a playwright and author, said: “The original showreel I did in 2000 won me recognition as a director at the Edinburgh Film Festival and since then I’ve developed it into something with international appeal.”

Colin is working on the project with award-winning producer Malcolm Benson, who he met at the Canada International Film Festival.

He is in the process of raising £150,000 to fund the project and is looking for people to invest.

He said: “People think they have to be high-rollers to invest in a film, but every little bit helps.”

Anyone who wants to find out about investing can call 07901 965116.