South Shields Harrier Luke Adams finishes an impressive third in the Blyth Valley 10km Road Race

Luke Adams, from South Shields Harriers, is celebrating after finishing an impressive third in the Blyth Valley 10km Road Race.

Luke Adams
Luke Adams

Over the course from Blyth Harbour to Seaton Sluice and back, Morpeth’s Sam Hitchcock was first in 31:49 from Salford’s Tom Cornthwaite in 32;19, with Adams recording 32;25.

Paul Simpson, from Jarrow and Hebburn A, was 69th in 39:15 and seventh over 50, with Peter Foggo 89th in 40:05.

Mark Wood, also from the Shields club, was 98th in 40:37, with Jarrow’s Alan Ball 99th in 40;38 and Steve Outterside 178th in 45;35.

Andrew Hudson was 214th in 46;34, with Alan Jobling 221st in 47:49 and second over 65.

James Ford was 289th in 51;25, with Shields’ James Cole 295th in 52:13 and Ken McDonald 386th in 57;14 and second over 70.

Jarrow’s Marsha Jobling was 23rd in the women’s section in a big mixed field of 517 with 48;50.

Jarrow and Hebburn AC finished a prominent fifth in the North of England Women’s Six Stage Road Relay Championships at Sunderland at the weekend.

Georgia Campbell was 11th with 24:42 for the long leg of four miles from 47 teams on the opening stage over the paths of the Silksworth Sports Centre.

Angela McGurk pulled back a place with 13:49 on the short leg two, with Maxine Czarnecka up to ninth with 13:38.

Alex Sneddon improved to seventh in 24:08, with Elaine Leslie into sixth in 13:33.

Stephanie Pattinson, on the anchor leg, finished fifth in 13:07.

Leeds City were first from Rotherham, with Morpeth third and Birtley fourth.

Josie Cram was eighth for Morpeth in 13:21, with international Laura Weightman recording the fastest leg of the day in 11;07.

All three area teams have qualified for the national events at Sutton Coldfield on April 16.

Jarrow B were 25th, with Hazelle Webster-Costella off first in 27:12.

Claire Simpson, 13:39, and Peg Mole, in 15:26, reached halfway for the team.

Heather Robinson, 28:44, Vicky Thompson, 15:52, and Tracey Emmett in 18:54 completed their creditable position.

Salford were first in the Men’s 12 Stage Race from Leeds and Morpeth.

Hebburn’s Christopher Parr clocked the third fastest leg of the day with 10:17 for Gateshead in sixth.

Jarrow were 28th from the 54 teams with Lee Gifford 21:13 and Jonathan Gilroy,12:12 on the opening two legs.

George Lowry, 21:39, Darren Parks, 13:07, and Jonny Evans in 21:37 kept the team in mid-field.

Gateth Thraves, 12;55, Kevin Emmett, 23:18, Malcolm Leece, 13:41, PaulSimpson, 13:27, Alan Ball, 13:27, Patrick McShane, 14:26 and Brian Hurst in 15:01 completed the team.

Both titles went to athletes from outside the area in the South Shields Park Run on Saturday.

In wet condítions for the 5km over the Leas, Keith Líttlewood, of Barnsley AC, finished in 18:13, with Kieran Moffat from South Shields Harriers 40 seconds behind ín second.

James Martin and Ben Smith from Jarrow and Hebburn AC, also juniors, were third and fourth respectively in 19:49 and 19:55.

Shíelds’ Mark Wood was sixth ín 20:12 and first over 40, with Peter Walker eighth in 20:23 and first over 60.

Ian Stephenson finished 10th ín 20:30, with Jamie Ward 11th in 20:47 and Jay Bowley 12th ín 20:57 and second over 40.

Craig Robe was 13th in 21:00, with Jon Page 15th in 21:16 and Jarrow’s Mike McNally 16th ín 21:17 and second over 50.

Shíelds’ Míles Weston was 17th in 21:23 and second over 45, with Dan Cooke 19th in 22:00 and Darren Lough 21st ín 22:18 and third over 45.

Susan Jarman, of Chíltern Harriers, finished an impressive ninth overall in the mixed field of 151, taking the women’s award ín 20;25.

Shields’ Paula Atkinson was second in 21:12, with junior Amelia Leslie, 17, third ín 22:05 and Katie Wood, only 12, fourth in 22:48.

Kím Lancaster was sixth ín 23:51, with NaTasha Sudan eighth ín 25:08 and Alíson Kídger 15th in 26:32.

Jackie Heads was 17th ín 26:49, with Jeanette Hewitson 21st in 27:55 and first over 55 and Sarah Bezuidenhout 24th ín 28:55.

Shields’ Míke Jones finished third ín the Sunderland Park Run on Saturday.

Jones was first over 50 with 18:48 for the 5km ín the Silksworth Sports Centre.

George Hurst was 46th in 24:23 and first over 65.

Shíelds’ Jon Balmer was third ín the Gateshead Park Run on Saturday with 19:16 for the 5km ín Saltwell Park.

Jarrow’s Stacey Rogers was third woman with 21:39 for the 5km over the Town Moor paths ín a bíg mixed field of 479 ín the Newcastle Park Run on Saturday.