South Shields homes said to be at centre of Liverpool boss’s divorce row

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers.
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers.

Properties in South Tyneside are reported to be at the centre of a multi-million pound divorce row between leading football boss and his estranged wife.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers has a property empire of 102 houses – some of which are in South Shields, with his business partner Judith O’Hagan.

The buy-to-let portfolio has to be valued as part of a financial settlement with his estranged wife Susan.

Mrs Rodgers, 40, was with her husband for more than 20 years and married for 13 years before the couple, who have two children, separated last year.

On Monday, the Liverpool manager and his wife were in court to hear their legal teams tell a judge they were in a ‘financial dispute resolution’.

Mr Rodgers earns about £5million a year as Liverpool’s boss, including bonuses – and could have earned more than £20million by the time his current contract with the club expires in 2018.

According to legal sources, Mrs Rodgers is likely to seek half of her former husband’s wealth.

The court heard that each of the 102 properties would have to be valued – at an estimated cost of some £35,000 – before lawyers can decide how monies can be shared by the couple.

The Premier League boss is now in a relationship with 31–year–old Charlotte Searle, who is Liverpool FC’s former travel co-ordinator.

Apart from his rental empire, Mr Rodgers is said to still own a sizeable home in Bershshire, and his property portfolio was reported to stretch from South Shields to Reading.