South Shields man evicted from home after making 'neighbours' lives a misery'

South Tyneside Homes.
South Tyneside Homes.

A man has been evicted from his home after repeated complaints about noise and drunken behaviour.

Mark Titley was forced to leave his ground floor flat in Alice Street, on the Laygate Estate, South Shields, after showing what housing bosses consider to be "complete disregard for his neighbours".

South Tyneside Homes’ anti-social behaviour unit had been receiving complaints about Titley since February 2015.

He had received numerous warnings after allegedly plaguing neighbours with loud music, singing, shouting, arguing and drunken behaviour.

Complaints included drink-fuelled parties at his flat and a dog barking continuously in the flat.

South Tyneside Homes runs the area's social housing on behalf of South Tyneside Council and a spokesman for the council said: “Titley had been warned repeatedly and although there were periods where he appeared to have changed his ways, he always lapsed back into bad behaviour.

“He continued to blight the lives of local residents and in turn breached the terms of his tenancy. He has shown complete disregard for his neighbours.

“We take anti-social behaviour extremely seriously and will take action against any tenants who refuse to act in a reasonable manner. In this case we were left with no other option but to seek possession of the property.

“We will continue to work with our partners to tackle tenants who breach the conditions of their tenancy or whose behaviour makes neighbours’ lives a misery.”

There are several ways to report anti-social behaviour across South Tyneside:

* Telephone on (0191) 4247999;

* Email;

* Text ASB then your message to 0778 620 0802;

·* Contact community wardens on (0191) 4203713.