South Shields maritime firm celebrates big order on small ship

The Juraid
The Juraid

Success has come in a smaller package for a South Tyneside-based marine equipment company.

Solar Solve Marine has just completed a contract to fit 40 of its roller sunscreens on the 21-year-old tug Juraid.

John Lightfoot, MBE, chairman of Solar Solve, said: “The interesting facts about this vessel are not that it is biggest in size or the best in some way.

“Often vessels ten times the size of this tug only need half the number of screens.

The Juraid is only 135 feet long but needed 40 window rollers fitted.

Mr Lightfoot added: “The Juraid has a big wheelhouse, with 19 windows to the forward and side decks and another 11 above in the angled roof.

“There are also 10 windows facing out onto the after deck.”

“When it comes to orders for a single vessel of any size, only about 10% are for 40 or more. The crew on this tug will certainly be well protected from the intensity of the sun.”

Juraid was built in 1996 by Belgian Shipbuilder Corporation NV, and has a beam of 42 feet, weighs 846 gross tonnes and is operated by Saudi Aramco.

The work was done while Juraid underwent a dry-docking overhaul.

The company’s roller screens are Type Approved by Lloyds and have been designed to protect people in the wheelhouse from the sun’s heat, glare and uv light, creating a safer and more comfortable working environment.

Mr Lightfoot added: “Hopefully the refurbishment will give its owners another 21 years of great service with our rollers contributing to the the crew working in comfort and safety.”